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About Us

An Empowered Tiny Home Franchise (stationary or mobile) is the perfect "Store" from which to demonstrate to our customers the wellness and sustainable food, water and energy technologies that we offer. Locally produced food, water and energy EVERYWHERE is our vision. People have begun to rely more on local markets as sustainability has become more important. Yet, most of the food in local grocery stores is still shipped in from around the globe, meaning we are still not receiving the best, freshest produce, and the majority of it is not organic or GMO-free. The MOBILE GREENS, LLC. Franchise system contains cutting edge, hydroponic growing along with water and energy harvesting technologies. The system uses atmospheric water generation, the best water purifying systems on the market and is powered by solar energy. MOBILE GREENS, LLC. offers an off-the-grid source of sustainable, locally produced, incredibly nutritious food/drink and clean water. The design is comprehensive and holistic, using Permaculture principles like “stacking functions” to provide the Franchisee with healthy profit margins and an incredible demonstration model to show customers what is possible. We are dedicated to massive disruption of the unsustainable nature of our current food, water and energy systems. We are motivated by the MUST DO philosophy and our mission… “A future for our grandkids and beyond"

Our Goal

At Mobile Greens, our goal is to Empower the customers and communities we serve by providing the tools, education and inspiration to become producers of food, water and energy instead of only being consumers. By incorporating our unique franchise model, we are sharing ownership and profits in our mission to transition to a sustainable society for our grandchildren and beyond.

Our unique Empower Tiny Home creates teaching and sales opportunities with every visitor. All of the products we offer, from CBDs to Solar systems are trending with exponential growth expected.

If you or someone you know would like to spread the word about these effective and valuable sustainable technologies by being a living example, please get in touch with us. We are positioned to scale fast and make a difference in the world!!

Our Target Market

  1. Millennials who want to travel and/or share with the world sustainable food, water and energy solutions
  2. Retirees who want to travel and/or share with the world sustainable food, water and energy solutions
  3. Solar Sales teams who want to use the Empower Tiny Home to demonstrate and sell solar (commercial or residential)
  4. Commercial lot owners who want to use their high visibility location to earn extra income
  5. Investors
  6. Tiny House lovers who are looking for a home based business
  7. Business owners to serve their employees healthy products and use for a mobile office
  8. Health and CBD advocates
  9. Gyms and physician's offices-as a value add and profit center for selling health products
  10. Veterans who want to own their own business and still be part of a team
  11. Parents-An educational and profitable alternative to college

Multiple Streams of Income Including: 

  • CBD products
  • Essential Oils
  • Water systems
  • Tiny Home sales
  • Solar Sales
  • Franchise sales
  • Hydroponic growing systems
  • and more…


The Empower Home™ is at first glance a beautiful Tiny Home (Or Mall Store), a closer look reveals a self-sustaining and mobile, store, office, business and home (optional) ALL-IN-ONE!  Sustainability comes from the Empower Homes™ ability to produce food, water and energy on-site.  Integrated solar panels with battery storage, provide complete electricity needs, atmospheric water harvesting  provides a potable water supply and on-site hydroponics and microgreen farming provides a nutritious base.  This sets up the Empower Homes™ to capture the consumer’s imagination, prompting the question “How can I become a producer?”  While we provide the solutions.

Today’s most valuable “sustainable” solutions and technologies, like Microgreens, CBDs, essential oils, solar, hydroponic growing systems, water/air purifiers and more will be on display and producing in each of our Empower Homes™.  Using augmented reality to teach sustainable living and educate the public on convenient, cost-effective ways to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, we will inspire social media advocacy.


A sustainable “EMPOWERED” society! …inspiring local and sustainable food, water and energy production on a global scale!


The Empower Home™ provides multiple streams of revenue for the Franchisee and a relatively low operating cost.  One person (the Empower Home-owner) can operate a store and no inventory is needed for the larger appliances, just a demonstration model, which doubles as a producing system.  Win-Win!

Our give back is: Food Forests Everywhere!  We will be donating a portion of our gross commissions to plant fruit trees in public areas.  This is a relatively low cost proposition that will create a lifetime of benefit and joy – “Thanks Empower Homes.”


The organic, “locally produced”, “Sustainable”, microgreens, CBD and solar markets continue to grow exponentially as the NEED for these items becomes more apparent in our society.  The Empower Home™ pulls it all together and produces a mobile marketing platform that supports access into community locations which are hard to reach using other marketing strategies.

We have global significance intentions!

Next Generation "Empower Wagon™"

Check out a beta 3-D rendering of our next generation Empower Wagon™ currently under development!

Mobile Greens Franchise Empower Wagon™ with augmented reality

The founders of Mobile Greens are all committed to sustainable living and we chose to spread that belief by creating a unique franchise model. There are a lot of ways to spread the idea of living a sustainable lifestyle, but what could be better than to spread that idea by demonstrating it day-after-day on a mobile platform that uses all the technology that make this lifestyle possible? Using the franchise business model, we are giving ownership in the effort to spread sustainable living to the Franchisees. The Franchisees are directly profiting from their own efforts to be the first to on board these best-in-class technologies, while sharing their own lifestyle in the communities they serve. Thus, our Empower Wagons™’ motto, “Smoothly transition into a sustainable lifestyle."

The unique design of this franchise model creates teaching opportunities with every customer. The making of our Empower Smoothies™ provides a 90 second engagement where the Franchisee can naturally talk about the Micro Greens, the water capturing and air purification systems, and the solar power that makes it all possible. The customer has already bought the value of sustainable living because it is sold with every Empower Smoothie™. 

Once the customer receives their Empower Smoothie™, they can watch the augmented reality infomercials about each of the products that the Empower Wagon™ uses to maintain self-sufficiency. These lessons are triggered by pointing any phone at the target images on the Empower Wagon™. If the customer is inspired by these lessons, they can actually book a sustainable living assessment for themselves. The Franchisee makes a commission from every household that transitions into sustainable living as a result of watching the augmented sessions. The Franchisee only sells the smoothies and shares the idea of sustainable living. The Empower Wagon™ does the selling, while the Franchisee serves the next customer. The Franchisee is linked to this customer as a lead from that point on because the lead database identifies the viewer of the augmented teaching. This means the Franchisee attains the commission while doing nothing more than doing a good job making a 90-second Empower Smoothie™.

Spreading the word about new technologies by being a living example of them is an organic way of educating the public. We believe that by creating a sustainable franchise presents teaching opportunities with every customer engagement. We are the only franchise designed to help make peoples lives better through sustainable living. 


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We love meeting and speaking with people in our community. Stop by and say hi and enjoy some of our super nutritious food and beverage items... you can even get a tour of our state-of-the-art Wellness Wagon.

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Saturday's we reserve for special events.  Check out our facebook page for updates.

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