Custom Built Hydroponic Systems

Additional Information

Hydroponics is simply a method of growing plants using nutrient rich water instead of soil. Hydroponic farming is a great way to grow your own food. Some of the benefits of growing your own food using our customized hydroponic systems include:

  • No messy soil
  • Control over nutrients
  • Food fresh from your yard to your kitchen
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Growth creates a privacy "food wall"
  • Less bending; your back will thank you!
  • Low maintenance 

For those of you who want an even lower maintenance level, we offer a maintenance program to take care of everything for you!

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To learn more about our custom hydroponic systems, or for a quote, please call (800) 372-8131 or email us at:

Teaching kids about hydroponics

Jim visits Amazing Explorers Academy in Orlando,  and talks about teaching kids the value of hydroponics.